Freelance photographer Akihito Takaba is captured by the very subject he's been stalking in his viewfinder – the handsome and enigmatic crime lord Ryuichi Asami! The older man ravages him, both body and mind. Does this mean the end for the naive photographer, or will he live to shoot another day? Vol. 1: Target In The Finder (Finder no Hyouteki) 1. You're My Loveprize In Viewfinder: Freelance photographer Takaba Akihito is abducted by the powerhouse of the criminal underworld, Asami Ryuichi, who claims both Akihito's body and soul. Not just for tonight, but forever... 2. Fixer: Again delving into the dark underworld, Akihito meets icy beauty, Fei Long- leader of Hong Kong's mafia. 3. Embrace The Heat Of The Night: Akihito is shocked when Asami show up on his doorstep, one stormy night. Extra: Love Lesson Yuusuke's senior, Ichijou, tells him an old horror story of an ill-fated lover who, rumor has it, was left to die in what is now the present-day basement of one of the school's buildings. Sent on an errand between classes, Yusuke can't help but recall the story as he makes his way through the eerie surroundings, when suddenly... he blacks out... Extra: Risky Society - God Bless My Justice A rookie to a society of people with supernatural abilities must prove himself (and his love) to his superior. Vol. 2: Cage In The Finder (Finder no Ori) 1. Splendor Of High Rises 1-4 (Kourou no Hana ~Unobtainable~): The fateful tale of how Asami and Fei Long first met 7 years ago. 2. Body Chase: Working with a police detective, Akihito infiltrates Asami's flagship club, Sion. Vol. 3: One Wing In The Finder (Finder no Sekiyoku) 1. Naked Truth 1-5: Tokyo arc. Just as Asami and Akihito are beginning to be drawn closer to each other, Akihito falls for a trap set by a vengeful Fei Long. 2. Love Surprise: On New Year's Day, a very drunk Akihito repeatedly calls up Asami and harasses him over the phone. Extra: Baked Sweet Glasses Overenthusiastic salesman Fujiya is determined to win over businessman Mikami. But what exactly is Fujiya aiming for? And how does he know about Mikami's secret love of sweets? Vol. 4: Prisoner In The Finder (Finder no Ryoshuu) 1. Naked Truth 6-12: Hong Kong arc. 2. Takaba's Wonderful Day: After witnessing Akihito being humiliated on the job, Asami offers to take Akihito out for the evening. Extra: Gakko no Kaidan (School Ghost Story) (Love Lesson 2) Vol. 5: Truth In The Finder (You're My Naked Truth In The Viewfinder) (Finder no Shinjitsu) 1. Naked Truth Zero: The story of how Fei Long and Yoh first met. 2. Naked Truth 13-18: The conclusion of Naked Truth, Hong Kong arc 2 3. Naked Truth Extra 1 - Temporary Paradise (Naked Truth Epilogue): Asami and Akihito spend time in the South Pacific while they both heal. Vol. 6: Passion In The Finder (Finder no Netsujou) 1. Naked Truth Extra 2 - Drowning In A Sea Of Bloody Marys (continuation of Temporary Paradise): Akihito gives Asami a massage. 2. Escape & Love 1-5: Asami and Akihito return to Tokyo. Despite their clashing worlds, Akihito and Asami continue to be drawn to each other. Extra: Koisuru Finder no Hyouteki (Koisuru x VF Crossover) Takaba Akihito (Finder) has his hands full with Mizuno and Hiyama (Koi o Suru DNA). Vol. 7: Desire In The Finder (Finder no Katsubou) 1. Pray In The Abyss 1-9: Akihito splits his time between being Asami's cook (and housemate) and working as a daredevil photographer. But what happens when he catches another man weeping on Asami's perfectly tailored sleeve? Are business and pleasure about to mix in the worst possible way? 2. Takaba Akihito's Graceful Summer Holiday: Akihito and Asami both find ways to beat the heat. 3. Head Of Department Takaba Akihito's Rose Colored Accomplishments: Akihito dreams that he is the General Manger of Takaba Co. and attempts to bend subordinate Asami Ryuchi to his will. Vol. 8: Pray In The Abyss (14 - 18) Vol. 9: Pray In The Abyss (19 - Ongoing)
Capítulo 92 Love & scape
Jul 13, 2024