Latest original Manga《Space Boy》
Latest original MangaSpace Boy

Hello everyone, it's time to read original manga.


Last time, we introduced an original manga called THE GOD STRONGEST. Wow, it's so hot now. The story takes place in a magic world. So if you're a crazy magic fans, you can't miss it.



Well, here is what we're talking about today. This time, I'm going to introduce you another original manga:Space Boy.



The story takes place in the deep space. So the first chapter of manga describes a noiseless atmosphere and boundless space. And the paintings filled with bright and contrastive colors. The author must be a good story teller. He (or she) can tell everything with his (or her) paintbrush. It will be an excellent product.



So, what's the story talking about?


This is the summary of Space Boy:

Una chica que pertenece a un tiempo diferente. Un chico poseído por un vacío tan profundo como el espacio. Una historia sobre un artefacto alienígena, un misterioso asesinato, y un amor que cruza años luz.



A girl who belongs to a different time. A boy possessed by an emptiness as deep as space. A story about an alien artifact, a mysterious murder, and a love that crosses light years.


Wow, it looks like a story about love. I love true love story. I even can't help wondering: Who is the girl? What does she look like? What will happen at the deep space? And what will happen to the chief actor and this girl? … So many questions we need later chapters to give us answers. 《Space Boy》


So, can't you wait to read it? CLICK here to read original manga《Space Boy》.

Oh! You can also read this manga on your smart phone with 'Manga Dogs' application. Download link.

We also support you QR code for convenience.  (・ω<)☆



I'm Ella, thanks for reading. : )

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