Chapter 2. How we met

Luca's POV:

It was raining pretty hard outside. I couldn't go to sleep so instead I grabbed my notebook and started to draw. Out of nowhere I heard a loud noise which had made me fall out of my bed. "Ouch... my back..." I muttered. I wasn't sure if I should run to the open my window and see what was going on or if I should run and hide. I sat on the floor until my alarm clock went off signaling that it was time for me to get up. "I guess it's nothing..." I said to myself shrugging it off before grabbing my notebook and shoving it inside my bag. I got ready for the day and left the house without saying goodbye to my father as he was still sleeping.

Issacs Pov:

I woke up pretty early mostly in my house it's always noisy and it gets really annoying, it was probably my father and his workers. Let me tell you, my father is a leader and a lot of people call my family monsters because of what we are. We would always moved frequently as many people wanted to hurt us are always after us. It's quite difficult to keep what we are a secret. I'm not saying we like to hurt people but we sometimes have our reasons as to why we need to. I don't have anger problems it's just when I'm mad I can't control it, my parents get really afraid especially my younger brother and sister. They're just afraid that something can happen. Luca's POV:

School was only half day today so I just went straight to school and when it had ended I went to work. I would always have to walk there since I didn't have a car but that's fine for me. I work at a restaurant well it was more so a cafe. There weren't many people here so it was a slow day. I put my umberalla aside to let it dry and started taking orders from customers. I heard someone's voice and looked up, for some reason my face started turning red as if I was blushing and I couldn't talk as I was shy.

Issac's POV: When I got up and got ready I went downstairs greeting my family with a good morning. I didn't really want to eat breakfast here so I headed somewhere else to grab some breakfast. It was raining when I headed out but I just grabbed my helmet and got on my motorcycle to start riding to a small cafe. I don't really know this place but it'll have to do. I parked my motorcycle and took my helmet off. I went in and looked around before going to the counter to order. "Hi, can I get a coffee to go?" I asked looking at the male working the counter. I could see the change in color of the male's face as he looked up at me. He couldn't even talk as if he had malfunctioned. His shyness was awfully cute to look at.


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