The Executed Sage Is Reincarnated As A Lich And Starts An All-Out War
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Géneros: Action , Adventure
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Idioma: Español
Géneros: Action , Adventure
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Géneros: Action , Adventure
Idioma: Español
Action , Adventure
The Sage Dwight, he along with the Hero defeated the Demon Lord who sank the world into darkness. However, they were falsely accused of becoming the next Demon Lords because of his power, and were thrown to The Valley of the Dead to die....... But though his flesh has rotten away, he lives on as a skeleton because of his grudge against the world. Dwight has vowed to deny that wrong world, and with a power that surpasses even the Demon King of the past, and also leading countless Skeletons he's going to start an all out war...! Web Novel (Raw)
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Alan Luiz
Alan Luiz
Aug 15, 2022
Ukraine War: The Donbas body collector who has lost count
Aleksey Yukov standing next to the white van, marked with a red cross
Image caption,
Aleksey Yukov and his men recover dead bodies of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers killed in combat in the Donbas
Aleksey Yukov has lost count of the bodies he's recovered in the Donbas over the past five months. He says he thinks it's more than 300, but he can't be sure.

Aleksey and his men drive a refrigerated white van, marked with a red cross, to carry out their work. They often drive towards danger to collect the bodies and remains of dead Ukrainian and Russian troops and civilians.

"We work with no days off. Constantly. We drive, we investigate, we transport, we search, all the time," he says.

It's grim work too - digging up the decomposing bodies of Russian soldiers buried in shallow trenches, or gathering their remains from burnt out armoured vehicles.

According to the United Nations, more than 5,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since Russia invaded in February.

There are no official figures for how many Ukrainian troops have died. But one adviser to President Zelensky told the BBC last month that between 100-200 Ukrainian soldiers were being killed every day. On average it's at the lower end of that scale.

Aleksey says that figure sounds realistic to him. But he believes the Russians are losing three times that number.

One Ukrainian soldier we spoke to, who had fought in Severodonetsk, described Russian tactics as similar to the First World War - with waves of their infantry running into a hail of bullets.

Smoke rising near homes in Donbas
Image caption,
Smoke rises near homes in the eastern Donbas region, where Russia has targeted its ground offensive
Who does Aleksey think is winning the war? "It's not about who is winning," he says. "It's about who's right. They [Russia] came here and that was unforgivable".

Every Ukrainian soldier we spoke to said they still believed they could win. Even in units that had suffered combat casualties of more than half of the troops.

But it's taking its toll on the living as well as the dead. Aleksey hasn't seen his one-year-old daughter for months.

"This war has ruined the life you had and the one you've been building," he says.

He adds that at the end of the day it all catches up: "That feeling when you are empty inside. The unfillable void".

Why Russia wants to seize Ukraine's eastern Donbas
Death comes quickly in the Donbas. Russian shells take mere seconds to land, and they're being used in industrial quantities. On average Russia is firing 20,000 artillery shells a day. Ukraine is able to respond with just 6,000.

There's no respite from the sound of heavy shelling at a military medical station we visit. The chief medical officer - who only wants to be known as Dr Anatoliy for his own safety - describes the situation on the frontline as "fragile".

He shows us photographs of a badly damaged military ambulance - riddled with bullet holes and torn to shreds by shrapnel. Dr Anatoliy says the red cross painted on their vehicles mean nothing to Russians. Two more ambulances are waiting outside the building under camouflage nets - ready to go to pick up the injured.

Tina packing a military bag inside an ambulance
Image caption,
Before volunteering to join the army Tina worked at a children's hospital
We meet Tina and Polina, two front line medics.

Tina used to work at a children's hospital before she volunteered to join the army. She wipes away tears as she talks about the family she's now missing.

"The pain goes away, because you have a task: to get a person to a hospital alive" she says. I ask if she's scared. "Of course it's scary. When a shell lands nearby, everything shrinks inside you".

For every soldier killed many more are injured. Tina says she's not allowed to give numbers but adds "there are casualties almost every day, and not just one. Sometimes many, sometimes a lot".

Polina standing near a vehicle
Image caption,
Twenty-one-year-old Polina says she exercises and listens to music to keep some sense of normality
Polina is just 21. The war's already cast a big shadow over her short life.

Her father and uncle are now prisoners in Russian-occupied Ukraine. She says she's trying her best not to let it get her down. She exercises and listens to music whenever she can - just to keep some sense of normality.

But Polina admits it's hard not to feel gloomy and depressed: "Apart from the bullets flying over your head, wounded people - and those wounded are often my friends and buddies - if you're taking it to heart it's going to be tough".

It's the troops she treats who give her hope.

"The guys who are injured and exhausted don't even want to go to hospital sometimes. They say I'm not going to leave my mates, we're holding the line together".

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WATCH: War nears Ukraine maternity ward
ANALYSIS: Is the tank doomed?
READ MORE: Full coverage of the crisis
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Alex Andey
Alex Andey
Oct 15, 2022
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Jan 02, 2023
Here’s why The Water Is Dripping Out Of Your Car’s Tail Pipe
Your car’s tail pipe has the sole purpose of emitting the gases – usually the by product of combustion process. But, have you noticed some water dripping out of it? If yes! You need to investigate the cause. However, this does not alarm an immediate attention. Nevertheless, you should not avoid an inspection as there are enough chances of damages over the period.
If you do not possess enough competencies, take help of a qualified professional. However, presence of water at a vehicle’s tail pipe is due to a number of reasons and most of them are not too critical.
However, it is abnormal for there to be a long-lasting flow of water coming out of the exhaust because there are some unfavourable circumstances that can turn into severe issues at some point of time.
You should take a look at these following points to understand the primary cause behind any instance of water dripping out of exhaust.
Is it condensation working behind the scene?
You should not be amazed by the fact that a major outcome of a combustion process is a mixture of carbon dioxide as well as water. Once you turn off your car’s engine, or rest your engine for some time, the remaining exhaust gases find their way towards the tailpipe.
However, these gases go through the condensation process to turn into the water dripping out of the tailpipe. This does not fall into the category of problems as the water drips usually disappear after some time.
Is it a damaged piston causing water to drip out of the exhaust?
Since water may come out of the exhaust as a result of the combustion process. However, if it is coupled with the black smoke emitting from the exhaust, there is surely a cause for concern, or more precisely, a faulty piston. And, you have to be alert before damage takes a toll on your engine and costs you a hefty amount for car engine repair.
Finding the problem is difficult, and a qualified mechanic can only help with this issue. A smell from the exhaust may also be present in addition to the smoke and water.
When you encounter such a problem while driving, pull over to a safe location and call a car recovery service to have it taken to a mechanic. If this issue is not fixed, engine components may be damaged, and performance may be significantly reduced.
For an emergency service, you can ask for a car recovery from Service My Car. Never neglect such a critical problem and opt for a quick inspection as well as proper remediation.
Is it the catalytic converter producing those drips of water out of the exhaust?
The catalytic converter, an essential device at the exhaust, turns the harmful emission into a less hazardous or, to be precise, safer to emit into the environment.
However, a small amount of water start to appear as the catalytic converter works to reduce these toxic emissions. Small droplets of this water vapour will emerge from the tailpipe.
Most of the time, it's normal for the catalytic converter to drip water. If water appears in the exhaust of your car, your catalytic converter may be in excellent condition.
However, it would be wise to go for an inspection at a trusted workshop as water droplets coming out of exhaust are hard to diagnose. Service My Car offers you a proper diagnostic with a reliable solution to your problem if there is one.
Is it the damaged head gasket on your engine’s cylinder block?
Quite unrealistic! However, it seems quite odd that a problem such as a worn head gasket may cause water to drip out of the exhaust.
If white smoke also comes out of the exhaust, then it is surely a damaged head gasket. Unfortunately, a head gasket leak could result in overheating of the cylinder block and other components. Once the components overheat, they might get distorted in shape while harming the seals and gaskets.
Once seals and gaskets wear enough to offer ways to coolant, a leakage happens into the combustion chamber, allowing the coolant to burn with the fuel. This leads to the white smoke coming out of the exhaust.
However, this problem requires immediate attention as failure to address the issue can lead to serious damage that may not be repairable. Service My Car assists you by dealing with such problems and mitigating risks.
Is it just engine heat causing water droplets to come out of the exhaust?
You can anticipate seeing water coming from your exhaust if you reside in a cold climate. In order to cool down, engine parts typically require some time to allow the oil to circulate through them. Within the first few minutes of the engine starting up, the moving parts of the engine will produce a lot of heat. Additionally, the exhaust system will be unusually warm. The water starts to appear once the heat comes into contact with cold air.
The appearance of water droplets at the exhaust is not a major concern until the engine is not the culprit. However, the best course of action is to take your vehicle to a reliable workshop and have it inspected under the guidance of a qualified mechanic.
Service My Car is a trusted service centre for a number of automotive needs. You will receive a satisfaction guarantee for a quality car service once you book a service or order a car repair quote online.
If you need any type of service or, service my car provide pickup and delivery plus full car service at the nearest repair center.
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Dec 28, 2022
Types of Coffee Machines – Let’s See How They Differ!

You get up, gradually stroll to the kitchen, and reach for your #1 beans and espresso stuff. "Goodness, if by some stroke of good luck somebody could make this espresso for me… " - you think. Indeed, it's conceivable! An espresso machine can turn into your morning help. An espresso machine that has many names.

How could I really want an espresso machine? Why anybody needs it?
The espresso blending gadget, no matter what its sort, can accelerate the planning of your cup of joe - the whole fermenting process, and particularly its repeatability, lies with the machine. An appropriately treated espresso machine will remunerate you with tasty espresso each and every time. How could you purchase such gear? There are many reasons, so before you decide, look at the classes of espresso machines and see what the robotized domain of espresso preparing brings to the table.

Completely programmed coffee machine, for example speedy high contrast espresso
Programmed espresso machines make the everyday blending of espresso extremely simple and, furthermore, they are resistant to any morning comes up short of the sleepyheads - activity of it is easy breezy. In any case, "a free lunch" - for the machine to take over the majority of the obligation, it's important to put resources into its plan, so if you need to train an espresso creator that will deliver fundamental coffee and milk espressos, should spend essentially EUR 450 can't exist. Notwithstanding, this gear will serve you for a long time, giving a sweet-smelling "minimal dark" or "huge white" at whatever point you want it.

The programmed espresso machines incorporate an underlying processor that drudgeries as much espresso from the bean container on a case by case basis to set up the showed measure of espresso. In numerous espresso machines you can change the strength/clearness of the pre-arranged espresso, and pick the milk based refreshment. A programmed barista will have no issue serving you americano, coffee doppio, cappuccino, latte macchiato or some other espresso and milk-based drink. The milk is put away in an exceptionally isolated compartment, from which the machine takes the perfect sum for a particular beverage. Thus the programmed espresso machine requires exhaustive cleaning - particularly of the milk foaming framework. Luckily, by and large everything is obviously portrayed in the guidance manual and ought not be excessively hard for anybody to follow.

metilla programmed coffee machine
Melittta offers numerous extraordinary programmed coffee machines, for example, the Melitta CI Touch Dark.
How is espresso fermented in a programmed coffee machine?
Most frequently, you should simply put the cup and press a couple of buttons, at times even only one. The mix of cylinders, siphons, processor, and so forth - this is stowed away from the perspective on the customer, so as not to irritate them with pointless subtleties. Among different kinds of programmed espresso machines, most frequently you can see those as combined with milk foaming framework, which recoveries time and requires no extraordinary abilities. You simply click and appreciate scrumptious espresso toward the beginning of the day. Basic and tomfoolery.

Who is this machine for?
For the people who are in a rush and need their morning espresso to confront the difficulties of daily existence with energy. It will come helpful in an office and at a home facilitating regular visitors, yet it will likewise work for espresso darlings who drink a couple of cups of espresso daily.

hardly any personalization choices for explicit beverages - we depend on the choices modified by the maker
the need to clean the machine "on occasion" and to check the neatness of the milk foaming framework
no information on the best way to get ready espresso is vital
straightforward activity
across the board plan: processor, espresso blending framework and milk foaming framework in one gadget
Self-loader coffee machines, for example a bistro at home
Self-loader coffee machines are a sort of duplicate of espresso machines we know from bistros. Their plan is by all accounts a little rendition of the bistro monster - the core of all espresso served by proficient baristas. Such a trained variant requires restricted information and some barista expertise. It will hence be an ideal decision for individuals who need to figure out how to mix espresso and extend their insight and abilities. In these gadgets, the milk framework is self-administration. And that implies that the foaming of milk is the obligation of the home espresso nerd. This through a steam wand.

The costs of self-loader coffee machines start in a lower range than on account of programmed coffee machines (you can purchase a good one as of now for under 330 EUR!) because of the in fact less difficult plan, however you can likewise spend north of 6 500 EUR, for example for the amazing plans of the popular "LaMa". With this sort of espresso machines, you can explore a ton with the last beverage - change the sum, for example the portion of espresso, and how much water for beginning blending, the supposed "pre-mixture", and the tension applied with an alter - a weighty kind of "button" for squeezing the espresso in the portafilter. Every one of these singular changes will deliver an espresso that preferences in an unexpected way - welcome to the universe of unendingly unique tactile encounters. Cleaning is performed on a continuous premise - in the wake of preparing every espresso or subsequent to blending a couple of espressos a line.

gaggia espresso machine
The Gaggia New Exemplary coffee machine is ideally suited for home espresso blending.
How is espresso blended in a self-loader coffee machine?
Subsequent to choosing the fitting channel, for example the holder for ground espresso, emptying the espresso into it and securing everything in the machine, the preparing starts. A scale for estimating ground espresso and the "yield", ie how much coffee in the cup, can demonstrate very helpful. Then, at that point, to set up a milk-based espresso, the milk is foamed in a milk container with the steam spout and as it's spinning, it gets its smooth surface. The fixings arranged in this manner can be joined with the latte-workmanship procedure. The coffee machine is ideal for individuals who like to "have a good time" with espresso, test and, most importantly, deliberately figure out how to treat the earthy colored beans endlessly better to crush out, under tension, obviously, what is best in them.

Who is this machine for?
For espresso lovers, espresso nerds, baristas and every one of the people who need to clean their capacity to plan coffee and coffee based milk espressos.

requires information and barista abilities
mistakes in taking care of will convert into the flavor of the espresso, which with ill-advised blending can be a lot of more regrettable than on account of programmed machines
an incredible choice for any expert barista who needs to plan proficient espresso at home
the ideal plan for espresso specialists hoping to foster their abilities
a decent gadget for rehearsing latte expressions at home
The pour-over espresso machine - make the elective preparing more straightforward
Devotees of espressos in an elective manner and all manual pour-over gadgets face perhaps of the best test - time. It requires various minutes to get ready such espresso, contingent upon the computerization utilized, whether you have an electric processor or a pot with temperature control. This is where you go after the channel espresso creators, which utilize the ground beans to set up a lot of separated espresso - some of them even incorporate a coordinated processor (sic!). With their straightforward plan, they are likewise the least expensive gadgets depicted in this article (with a minor special case, examined toward the end). As of now at around 65 EUR, we can get one of these subtle monsters.

melitta pour over machine
The costs of Melitta espresso producers start from 78 EUR (Melitta Look V Flawlessness). The photograph shows the Melitta Fragrance New for 118 EUR.
Pour over espresso producers mix different measures of espresso - contingent upon the kind of espresso machine. Typically, the volume of espresso goes from 0.5l to even 3l. What do I really want such a lot of espresso for? One could inquire. Why blend 1l of espresso for one individual? Great inquiry, and here's the arrangement. The Dutch producer of Moccamaster espresso machines created a Mug One Espresso Brewer for making 300 ml of espresso at a time, which is an ideal piece for… one cup precisely. Cleaning such machines is incredibly basic and is most frequently restricted to washing/flushing the top water tank and the espresso pot.

moccamaster pour-over machine
The Moccamaster espresso producer is an extraordinary decision for experts of channel espresso and great plan.
How is espresso prepared in a channel espresso producer?
In the wake of putting the channel and ground espresso in the upper piece of the machine, the machine dominates and administers the preparing system all alone by apportioning parts of water per espresso to make it heavenly, sweet-smelling and repeatable in taste. In these couple of moments you can get an exceptionally charged cup of warm espresso, ideal for breakfast or "to go" in a bottle or a warm cup. Large numbers of the espresso machines have a warmed base, because of which, while fermenting espresso around the time you get up, you can appreciate it at the ideal temperature all through the long, sluggish morning.

Who is this machine for?
For the people who love channel espresso and need to marginally robotize the blending system. It will likewise function admirably for "espresso leeches" who like to drink a portion of a liter of espresso before early afternoon.

you should crush the espresso ahead of time
at the point when you need to pour the paper channel with bubbling water prior to making espresso, you should do it physically
it's the least expensive espresso machine (with the exception of our last choice)
it works with the readiness of pour over espresso, which commonly, when blended physically, requires a ton of your consideration
it permits you to brew a huge piece of espresso immediately - for yourself's purposes, your visitors or the entire family
automated coffee machine ;
El original
Apr 20, 2023
It was the third office party, and again 925silvershine was the center of attention of everybody due to her unsurpassed design of silver Figaro chain around her neck, which was supremely matching with a red dress. It seemed that she chose to dress and to contest with utmost care and attention.

Choosing the right type of jewelry and dress in any function or party always helps to enhance your confidence and makes you stand out. Men and women use jewelry and ornaments commonly to explore and expose the natural chic and classiness of personality. Now a day’s well-designed jewelry such as Pendant, choker, Silver anklet, armlet, toe rings, class rings, bangles, belly chain, princess collar, charm, opera, bib, matinee, lariat, multi-chain, locket, negligee, silver Figaro chains, 925 silver chains , and rope are popular and common types of jewelry used. It provokes the igneous personality look.

In history, we found the marks of jewelry since man started to walk on earth. Though the designs were not the same as today, in Monaco cave, the necklace made up of fishbone was found, which was old enough, more than 25000 years which is one of the marks of earliest jewelry.

The main question arose here why are humans start wearing jewelry?

Researcher finds many reasons behind this. Bravery: in this manner, chains of claws, teeth, horn sometimes, of the hunt used to represent courage. Slavery: if someone made one slave during different incidents such as war, then the master uses different chains to distinguish his slaves from the slaves of other masters’ slaves.

Jewelry was also a status symbol in a different era of the history of human beings. For example, kings wore different types of ornaments and jewels. Many religions have also marked those various Prophets, Apostles, and men with different religious ranks used different jewelry such as rings. Jewels and jewelry were also a part of the barter system to exchange various goods necessary for common use life, such as eatables and herds.


Quality: While buying a 925 silver chain for you as an ornament, you must assure yourself about the best quality of silver. The more the quality is, the more it will value your cash, not only for your fashion but in the future, it also saves you from inconvenience.

Silver is malleable, so the combination of high-quality silver with other metals is used for longer durability. But one more thing, be mindful that the alloy should added to make it stronger. Do not compromise the quality so, don’t settle for anything less than sterling silver, and provide you with the best quality silver products.

Length and Width: Before paying cash, you must know the accurate size required for the ornament around your beautiful neck. The chain with a small size will cause you different types of problems and disturb your confidence level while you were wearing it. On the other hand, the chain must not be too short of gripping your neck nor too long to be felt loose.

The Width of the chain must demonstrate the weight of the chain according to your cash value and naturally provide a status symbol. The concern here is where you want to wear the chain. An in-office party and a wedding party both have a huge distance in dress coding. So, one must choose what type of ornament will be best according to the

type of occasion. At an office party, a thin, elegant chain is preferable to the wide, heavier one.

Weight: The weight of the chain must be according to the easiness you can carry and your cash value. You must be careful about the rates and weight ratio while buying this product. Ensure that you are paying only the right amount for your product because the weight of chains is directly proportional to the quality.

Price: Length, Width, and weight all together decide the right price. And nothing must be compromised. While buying a product, make sure that you have paid for your product according to market value, not more than that.

It means you should know about the market price as a baseline for the Jeweler you want to buy. Sometimes low prices indicate poor quality or even fake products. So, it would be best if you were cautious about the massive discounts as well. Although it takes time to search for the desired price, the end efforts always bear fruit. For example, 925silvershine offer silver Jeweler at reasonable prices and offer you discounts without compromising on the quality of silver.

Matching and design: This probably is the most important point while buying a sterling chain. Keep in mind the dress and occasion, or keep the dress, if possible, with you for the best matching. Without perfect matching, nothing makes you stand out. The best way is to keep the dress picture on your phone and use it while buying a product. It will save you a lot of time.

The Jewelry design is everything, especially when you are going to wear it in a gathering where everyone will have elegant designs. All of us have our tastes and preferences to satisfy us. So the design should be according to your taste and also combines with your other belongings. While buying a sterling silver chain, be mindful that every occasion has its charm, so choose the design which will be suitable for that, like if you are going to buy it for casual use, then choose a simple one which can be c with every dressing style. Also, keep the collection in your mind that you own to mix the sterling silver chains with them. Luckily have a wide variety for you, which is not only satisfying but makes you look more charming and canter of attention by offering statements on all occasions.